“We’re finding startups with ideas about how this can be done and giving them what they need to do it — expertise and networks, industrial partnerships, pilot opportunities and co-working spaces. We accelerate the growth of mission-driven startups and together we’re optimizing the way resources are produced and consumed”, explains Ilkka Lassila, COO of Valkea.

Valkea was founded by Fortum, a leading clean-energy company with some of the lowest carbon exposure levels in the European power generation industry.

“Our extensive network and experience spans decades, countries, and services, meaning we’re able to show entrepreneurs where realistic impact can be made. Our team, advisors, and Fortum network have world-leading expertise when it comes to sustainable energy ecosystems meaning that we can support the startups and provide them advice.

In addition, Fortum is the anchor investor in the Silicon Valley based Valo Ventures and a limited partner in the Energy Impact Partners’ European Coalition.

“The information sharing and active communication between Valo Ventures & Energy Impact Partners and Fortum has been extremely fruitful for all parties and this cooperation has been of interest to Finnish startups as well that we have spoken to”, Ilkka Lassila continues.

“What unites us at Valkea and the amazing people at FiBAN is that we both want to make Finland the best country in the world for growth-company investing. We at Valkea believe this needs to be done through active cooperation and by helping each other and by acting responsibly. The main goal that unites everyone associated with Valkea Growth Club is to create a cleaner future through investing in companies that can make this happen. “ says Tony-Frank Holmström, Manager for Investments & Partnerships at Valkea.

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