New Nordic Leads

New Nordic Leads is a lead angel training and investment readiness program put together by FIBAN and EstBAN. This program is aimed at both angel investors and startups that aspire to create cross-border connections, expand knowledge and share best practices, and make an impact by being part of creating tools and materials that will be later used across Europe.

New Nordic Leads aims at:

  1. Improving startups’ investment readiness with well-crafted training and mentoring from experienced angel investors.
  2. Educating the next generation of lead angels by organising training sessions focusing on lead investors to share the experience and the knowledge on cross-border angel investing best practices.
  3. Inspiring cross-border investments and putting together cross-border angel syndicates on behalf of the experienced lead investors.
  4. Sharing best practices – e.g. training sessions, toolboxes! The consortium aims to set an example that would later be used across Europe.


We offer training for both angel investors and selected startups, create cross-border investment and networking opportunities through pitching events, and share best practices by creating materials and tools that support angel investors while leading syndicates. Angels participating in the program will get to make an impact and learn by mentoring startups selected in the program.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to build your cross-border connections without any participation fee!

New Nordic Leads for angel investors:

  • Attend high-quality lead angel training and share best lead angel practice
  • Network and expand your cross-border connections
  • Learn and get familiar with the startups as a mentoring angel
  • Get access to curated deal-flow with higher investment readiness
  • Build your angel brand through program visibility and speaker opportunities
  • Make an impact in the startup ecosystem through cross-border investments

How to get involved?

  1. Join the program and ‘New Nordic Leads’ LinkedIn group or
  2. Show your interest in becoming a lead angel or co-lead
  3. The best way to learn is by doing!

Want to join?

Numbers from the first batch:
32 startups from 5 countries + 35 mentors = 100 hours of mentoring

Read more on our New Nordic Leads webpage!

New Nordic Leads creates cross-border opportunities by sharing best practices, educating lead angels and improving startups’ investment readiness. This project is put together by FiBAN ad EstBAN and is fueled by Central Baltic Interreg. New Nordic Leads project is implemented between 06/2020 – 11/2022 and FiBAN’s share of funding is approximately 220 000 EUR funded by Central Baltic Interreg.

More Information:
Johanna Ahtiainen, Training and Development Manager, FiBAN