Concise works closely with investors on different levels for instance in due diligence or audits. “Especially regarding technical knowledge, product development process and effective teamwork – these are the areas we are highly skilled in and able to evaluate.”, tells Aive Uus, CEO of Concise.

”We are also open to co-invest which means that we are willing to work for equity. That has proven to be an excellent opportunity for startups that have strong business founders and benefit from a technical partner who is truly dedicated to their business success.”

Concise organizes and participates actively in many events for startups and is involved in mentoring programs. “We see cooperation in bringing more startups close to FiBAN. Save the date 12.-15.5.2021 for our Growth Hackathon which will be for startups who have already done their initial MVP.”

Experienced cross-border operator

Concise is located in Estonia, but currently more than 80% of their work is done in Scandinavia. One of their reference cases is the hugely successful story of EasyPark. 

“We have had close cooperation with EasyPark for almost 10 years – extensively multiplying their transactions and entered new markets. Even though we do value long term relationships, we can also offer quick and well-organized teams in a growth phase where in-house building takes more time than is good for business. Later on we gladly organize the handover and support building in-house product development teams.“, Aive says. “We believe that with our #superagile culture we can support startups to reach higher success rate. For investors it means better ROI.”

Concise has created their own tool for measuring product teams which they call #superagile score tool. The tool involves elements such as Full stack team, Business growth, Priority switch, Continuous deployment, Trunk based development, Balanced testing, Microservices, Automation, MVP thinking, Short communication flow, Autonomy, Psychological safety, Celebration.

“Concise will bring new domain expertise and knowledge as well as significant international reach to our community. We are looking forward to working together in 2021”, concludes Amel Gaily, Managing Director of FiBAN.

Welcome to the community Concise!

More information:
Aive Uus, CEO, Concise
+372 56691284

Amel Gaily, Managing Director, FiBAN
+358 503 655 019