FiBAN 11/09/2017

New guide for immigrant entrepreneurs

The service path for entrepreneurial enthusiasm and know-how, provided for by the publication, guarantees entrepreneurs with immigrant backgrounds the best possible premises for succeeding.

When it comes to coverage, the publication is the first of its kind in Finland. Our goal was to assemble the fragmentary information and different laws concerning licensing and authoritative issues in order to help immigrant entrepreneurs in the start-up process,” Toivo Utso, Head of Services, states.

Clarifying the entrepreneurial process concerning immigrants is for the benefit of the whole of Finland
As the economic structure and the job market goes through substantial changes, entrepreneurship is an increasingly vital pathway to employment. This also concerns immigrants. Immigrants are already starting up businesses on a more frequent basis than the rest of the population, especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area. 
The new online publication also caters for those looking to be entrepreneurs in other parts of Finland. The publication brings up the opportunities for starting up different forms of businesses, depending on the person’s country of origin and current place of residence. Additionally, the publication summarises the legal obligations of an entrepreneur and gives practical tips for succeeding with the business.

We have strived for taking all the different alternatives and situations in life into consideration so that everyone will be able to find the most suitable way of moving forward,” Utso says. 

The publication is now available online in Finnish and English. The online publication is updated continually according to legislative amendments. Alongside the publication, an electronic online tool will also be created. The tool will help anyone wanting to come to Finland as an entrepreneur to easily find the right steps of action.

Get to know the publication “Immigrant Entrepreneurs – How to become an entrepreneur in Finland?”



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