Mertaoja offers customized financial administration services from bookkeeping and payroll management to management consultancy with a mission to help customers achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

“We believe in common sense and customer-oriented, personalized service. Our tailored services cover all stages of a company’s life cycle from founding the company to growth and expansion. Our Startup package, for instance, works a solid ‘sanity check’ for new entrepreneurs – There’s one worry less for a business angel or a founder when we make sure all necessary structures, tools, and processes are in place for scalable and agile financial administration.”, says Ilkka Haavisto, CEO at Mertaoja.

What will you bring to the FiBAN community?

“Our team of financial experts is exceptionally experienced. This is key to our value proposition: all our customers have one contact person who serves in all needs along the way – whether it is bookkeeping, payroll management, or management accounting. “

“For a business angel or a serial entrepreneur, this is an efficient way to work with an accounting office: one expert at Mertaoja can take care of the whole portfolio.”

Ilkka Haavisto, CEO of Mertaoja

“Our goal is to maintain our position as the leader in the modern eFinancial Management arena and to be the most valuable partner to small and medium-sized growth companies. In order to succeed in this, we see the opportunity to take part in FIBAN’s network of investors, startups, entrepreneurs highly beneficial. We want to learn, develop, and deepen our understanding together with our customers. We believe that this will also nurture our own partner ecosystem, which serves our customers in many fields of expertise, such as legal, HR, and auditing.”

“We grow together with our customers. One of the success stories we are proud to have been part of is Supercell in their first years of growing from a small startup with no revenue to a global gaming phenomenon.”, tells Ilkka Haavisto. 

More information:

Ilkka Haavisto, CEO, Mertaoja

Tuomo Kukkamäki, Business Development Manager, Mertaoja

Amel Gaily, Managing Director, FiBAN
+358 503 655 019