Convincing team and solid background helped Buenno, a market research platform provider, to close a successful seed round in the midst of a global pandemic. The round led by Gorilla Capital VC was joined by several FiBAN angels.

Buenno took part in FiBAN Pitch Finland online event in May and was able to convince a handful of angel investors. In total Buenno raised 300K€ funding from several FiBAN angels, including Juho Loippo, Otso Laakkonen, and Tuomas Maisala. The round was led by Gorilla Capital VC

“Our funding round was almost secured before the corona pandemia struck. That scared some of our current investors and we were forced to take a closer look at our strategy to be able to convince investors. Even though FiBAN Pitch Finland was switched into an online event, the process went smoothly and we were able to get the connections to angel investors that we needed to successfully close the round.” tells Aaku Asujamaa, CEO of Buenno.

Family office’s first case via FiBAN deal flow

“This was the first investment that our family office did in a case through the FiBAN deal flow.” says FIBAN member Juho Loippo, the CEO of family office Loipposet.

“Buenno caught my eye in the deal flow newsletter. I took a further look on their application and indicated my interest towards the case in the FiBAN deal flow tool. After that I got introduced to the other FiBAN investors interested in the case by FiBAN’s deal flow manager Antti.” explains Juho.

“The investment decision was easy to make since the Buenno team had a great background and the other angel investors that joined the round had great experience in the field.” he concludes.

Process straight from the textbook

“Buenno’s funding round was like straight from the textbook. When they approached FiBAN, they already had major funding secured from Gorilla Ventures and were now systematically reaching for angel investors. This showed that the team had prepared well for the round.” tells FiBAN deal flow manager Antti Viitanen about the smooth process. 

“The founders had former background and connections from consulting in the business area, so at the screening board session, the most significant factor was the convincing team.”

Read more about the successful funding round here.


Aaku Asujamaa, CEO ja co-founder at Buenno,, +358 50 411 2343
Antti Viitanen, Deal Flow Manager at FiBAN,