Checklist by Kolster and FiBAN makes evaluating IPR streamlined and structured

December 02, 2021

Together with our partner Kolster and independent IPR expert and FiBAN member Sonja London, we have put together an IPR Checklist to help you check startups' intellectual property rights in a structured and time-saving manner. Investor, find the checklist in Dealum and join FiBAN Academy on December 15h to learn more!

Intellectual property rights (IPR) and a solid IPR strategy can help turn your idea into a money-maker by accelerating sales and gaining a competitive edge in the market. Assessing startups’ IPR requires considering several different factors, such as the relevance and coverage of patents, utility models, trademarks, just to mention a few. 

“We hope that the checklist will help angel investors in asking relevant questions when assessing startup’s IPR position. Each situation is unique and this checklist is not intended to cover everything – always remember to use professionals for help when making big decisions”, says FiBAN member, IPR expert Sonja London.

”Angel investors provide great value to startups by their contribution. The checklist provides an informative approach for the angel investors when they assess startups from the IPR perspective” continues Juha Kukkonen from Kolster.

FiBAN members can find the checklist in Dealum’s documents section as well as other beneficial tools and materials to support the investment process.

Want to learn more about IPR?

IPR and exits will be covered more in-depth in the next FiBAN Academy event on December 15th where we’ll also walk you through the checklist. Register here

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