Introducing lead angel compensation best practices

November 30, 2020

Leading an investor syndicate takes more or less work, depending on the role and activity level of the lead. As the custom has been that there are as many lead angel practices as there are lead angels, the FiBAN board, full of experienced lead angels has introduced a guideline for recommended compensation models for lead angels.

To ensure best market practises and answer to the growing questions regarding lead angel compensation, FiBAN has launched a new guide for compensation models. As the name implies, these are solely recommendations, each case is ultimately up to the parties in question, naturally. The model is divided into four different categories, ranging from helping the company in the round to a full scope investment lead. The recommended compensation should naturally reflect the level of commitment and work.

To learn more about the role of a lead angel and the recommended compensation model, tune in to FiBAN Morning talks on December 10th starting at 8.30. Read more and sign up here.

FiBAN members, you can find the model in Startup Includer, here.

More information:

Amel Gaily, Managing Director, FiBAN

Reima Linnanvirta, Chair of the Board, FiBAN