Future Dialog is bringing community engagement to the mobile age. Their vision is to make engagement readily accessible (and fun) for all stakeholders, while allowing communities to collect more data and understanding with fewer resources and in less time. Initially focused on cities (over 20 municipalities use the platform), the company has since branched out to support other communities such as political parties, trade unions, associations, corporate stakeholders and more.

Experienced new investors such as Kristian JaakkolaTeemu Varpanen and Jukka Heinonen jumped onboard and joined existing investors such as Saga ForssAnnukka Mickelsson and Henry Nilert to complete the funding round. This time the funding structure was slightly different from typical structures for early stage investments. The €210k raised was compromised of half equity and half capital loan, a structure which gives greater flexibility and protections to investors.

Future Dialog has established itself as a leading solution for community engagement in the region. The funds raised will be used for product development and to accelerate sales both in Finland and internationally”, says Erno Launo, CEO.

Community engagement is a massive global trend as cities and other large organizations seek to better understand their stakeholders and develop their communities based on actionable data. Future Dialog’s solution is about simplifying and accelerating this process, and is expanding to new markets such as the Baltics, the Nordics and Australia to help make engagement a part of everyday life.

Stay tuned – they may be coming soon to a community near you!