​From over a hundred companies, the investors of Nordic Angel Program managed to go down to just four companies, which performed the best throughout the process. While the syndicate is making a decision on which one to invest in, let’s take a moment to think about the diversity of the whole program. 

Syndicate consists of: 

  • Male and female co-leads 
  • Four different nationalities, 19 angels strong 

Top15 companies consists of: 

  • companies from four different countries 
  • seven female CEOs

And finally, the top4 companies had:

  • companies from three countries
  • founders from four countries, also outside of Europe  
  • four female co-founders, who also work as the CEOs 

This shows that both FiBAN, and it’s deal flow, is getting more and more diverse and international. This will benefit the Finnish ecosystem greatly, and enables FiBAN to be in the center of all international transactions, both in human resources and investments. 

​Salute to all who made it to the program! 

Here are the top 4 companies 

  • FeelingStream: Speech-to-text tool to help contact center automate their processes with intelligence.
  • ​​CHAOS architects: Responds to the Smart City challenge via our AI solution that combines crowd insights and big data.
  • ​​Videoly: ​Streamlines video content for retailers without creating a single video.​
  • ​VIMMA: Turns vast amounts of existing social media content into actionable ad placements for marketers.