Firstbrokers to join FiBAN – bringing startups and investors risk management solutions

December 20, 2021

Firstbrokers offers their clients corporate risk management audit, design, benchmark and administration of insurance and employee benefit services. Welcome to the FiBAN community, Firstbrokers!

Firstbrokers, licensed by FIN-FSA, is the most international insurance broking firm in Finland with their broker network giving clients access to insurance and employee benefit services in 110+ countries. Their clientele consists of 200+ multinational and SME companies, representing a large variety of industries.

For FiBAN business angels and their portfolio startups Firstbrokers offers worldwide access to corporate risk management, insurance and employee benefit services and solutions to support business continuation (e.g. protecting investors, directors and key-persons), due diligence of existing risk management solutions, and auditing, benchmarking and designing of risk, insurance and employee benefits.

“Startups naturally have often their concentration focused on the innovations, business and corporate growth, while risk management, also an important aspect of every company’s basic functions, might get less attention. This may expose to unwanted and unrecognized risks, which could and should be managed through relevant services”, says Jaava Myllyniemi, CEO at Firstbrokers Oy.

“Our daily work is to help businesses find out and highlight the exposures to risks, finding the correct appetite for risks, and designing and benchmarking for the suitable and cost-efficient solutions”, he adds.

“We help companies entering the global markets to find the risk management, insurance and employee benefit services relevant to their line of business from local and global service providers that have the relevant license, knowledge and established provider contacts to arrange the necessary local compulsory as well as voluntary services in a cost-efficient way. This makes market entries much easier, but also gives corporate management peace of mind in relation to being risk prepared and locally compliant.”

Firstbrokers’ services beneficial to business angels and their portfolio companies:

Established in 1989, Firstbrokers is the first licensed insurance broker in Finland, holding a license from Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) in Finland to mediate both life and non-life insurances. We are continuously supported by our strong company economy (credit rate AA+, Asiakastieto since 2007).

More information:

Jaava Myllyniemi, CEO, Firstbrokers
+358 400 5362 03

Niko Visuri, Sales Director, Firstbrokers
+358 401  204 777

Aija Bärlund, Managing Director, FiBAN
+358 40 6810245