The rapid growth of the company is what convinced business angels Reima Linnanvirta, Ali Omar, and Olli Sirkiä to invest in the case: (formerly Dwellet) managed to grow its business by over 400% during the accounting period that ended 31.5.2020. This, despite the fact that in general the marketing periods for rental apartments have prolonged due to the pandemic. service enables the landlord to do everything by themself from marketing to signing up for a contract without an expensive agent. Via the platform, the user can for instance book a viewing with potential tenants, either in person or virtually. “Even though a landlord would prefer using an agent to outsource the routine work, usually they want to meet the potential tenants in person. For this, our service provides a great opportunity: when we don’t send an agent to the apartment viewing, our customer saves money.”

The real estate sector is now witnessing a wave of digitalization and is excellently positioned to face this competition.

Reima Linnanvirta, Member of the Board,

Founders of Henri Haaksiala and Kimmo Lehtilä have both behind them career as rental agents where they faced the rigidity of both procedures and pricing. To tackle the problem they began developing digital software for internal use. “Quickly we changed the direction and started providing the efficient tools directly to landlords themselves.”, Henri Haaksiala, CEO of the company tells.

The new strategy has paid off since the company has grown at a fast pace and in 2020, the total turnover reached nearly 200k.

“The real estate sector is now witnessing a wave of digitalization and is excellently positioned to face this competition.”, says a member of the board Reima Linnanvirta.

”Fiksuvuokraus is like a fresh breeze in the Finnish real estate market. New operating model and courageous team enable fast growth in a competitive market”, estimates one of the investors, business angel Ali Omar.

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Henri Haaksiala

Reima Linnanvirta

Member of the board,

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