‘Post like a pro!‘ is SportaPost’s oneliner in describing their value-add for local sports teams: with custom-made filters with the possibility to modify colors and themes, everyone can make a professional-looking post about their favorite team. The app enables creating and sharing high quality content 10x faster to social media. Marketing costs are something all sport clubs are struggling with – when money is scarce, it is hard to create material to boost the team’s reach to big masses. 

Four FiBAN members identified the problem immediately when observing the company. Reima Linnanvirta, Fabian SepulvedaStefan Lindberg and Jouni Karjalainen invested the full round of €40k into the company. “The money will be combined with public and bank funding to enhance the go-to market execution”, states Reima Linnanvirta. All four angels brought their expertise to the syndicate; Linnanvirta helped with juridical aspects; Lindberg with marketing; Karjalainen knew the secrets to securing public funds; and Sepulveda with general operations and organizing. This is a perfect example of an angel investment where in addition to capital, investors bring their know-how to the table. 

​We wish the best of luck in the future for SportaPost!