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FiBAN Monthly: Crafting an Irresistible Pitch: A Guide for Startup Founders

1. Mastering the Art of the 4-Minute Pitch

Time is of the essence in a pitch scenario, and typically, you have 3, 4 or 5-minutes to cast your message. However, the savvy move is to aim for a presentation that is shorter than your slotted time (4 min, instead of 5, 3 min instead of 4). This leaves room for unexpected hiccups and ensures a smooth wrap-up, even if something doesn’t go according to plan. And let’s face it, often things don’t go according to plan.

Your pitch is a teaser to evoke investor interest, not an exhaustive rundown of your business.

Pro Tip: When faced with challenging questions during the Q&A, provide a brief response and express your willingness to discuss the matter during the networking phase.


2. Slide Design: Less Text, More Impact

Remember that your presentation slides are visual aids, not a script. Keep text to a minimum, with a font size of at least 34. Remember, the slides are there to complement your spoken words and evoke emotions, not to act as your personal notes.


3. Crafting Your Presentation

Here’s a simple structure you can use and apply almost in any pitching situation.


    • Motivation (10-30 seconds): Start with the why. Share a brief personal story of why your venture is important to you and how you identified the problem you’re solving.


    • Problem (max. 1 minute): Clearly articulate the problem from the user’s perspective. Make it relatable, as if explaining to a 90-year-old grandma. Highlight the pain points and difficulties your target audience faces. Don’t be vague, instead visualize a real-life scenario.


    • Solution (max. 1 min.): Showcase how your product or service transforms the user’s experience. Use visuals, but avoid videos. Paint a vivid picture of the positive impact your solution has on their lives. Here same goes for the problem, a real-life example of how the user’s day in action has changed with your solution.


    • Proof (max. 30 sec.): Substantiate your claims with evidence. Discuss customer numbers, satisfaction levels, and any endorsements you’ve received. Provide tangible proof that your solution is not just a concept but a real, desirable solution. This is the only segment that can save you, in case your audience didn’t understand the previous points.


    • Market (30 sec.): Briefly touch on the market size and potential for growth in the next five years. Keep it simple and straightforward. (In a shorter pitch, this segment can be dropped completely)


    • Positioning (30 sec.): Highlight your competitive edge. Clearly convey why and where you outperform your competition.


    • Business Model (max. 1 min): Delve into the financials. Explain the cost of the problem your solution addresses, how you monetize, and your revenue model. Provide a clear picture of how your company retains profits after costs.


    • Your Team (max. 30 sec.): Briefly introduce yourself, key team members, advisors, and investors. Share a compelling anecdote about each team member’s past that emphasizes their suitability to tackle the identified problem.


    • The Ask (max. 30 sec.): Clearly state your purpose for being in front of the audience. Specify what you’re seeking from investors, outlining the actions you’ll take with the investment and the measurable results expected with a target timeline.


Final Tips: Keep your presentation simple, leaving room for questions. Demonstrate your readiness for the international market.

If you need to adapt this to 1 minute or less, the key takeaway is the first three points, with traction as a bonus. All you need in “an elevator pitch” is to get the listeners’ interest. Tap into the emotion that comes from your founder story and hit it home with the sales/audience you’ve already won. The rest is conversation.

The Pitch is your chance to shine and leave a mark. Craft a compelling narrative, present it clearly, and leave investors eager to learn more later. Leave them hungry, but don’t hold back too much. Good luck!


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