FiBAN 11/01/2024

FiBAN Monthly: Fostering a collaborative future – enhancing our journey at FiBAN in 2024

What does the year 2024 look like with the eyes of FiBAN’s new Chair and angel investor, Elina Koivumäki? Read about the core pillars and upcoming highlights of FiBAN in 2024 and how the board plans to further strengthen, grow, and develop the FiBAN community.

As I step into the role of Chair of the Board, I am filled with a sense of responsibility and excitement for the journey that lies ahead in 2024. Representing a diverse and experienced group of Finnish private investors, our network includes both seasoned professionals and dynamic, successful younger angels. My vision for our tenure together is anchored in three core pillars: open and transparent communication, robust cooperation within our ecosystem, and a deepened sense of community among our members.

Acknowledging our past leadership and new teams

Before delving into our future plans, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the former Chairs of the Board during my board membership, Kim Väisänen (2023) and Annukka Mickelsson (2022), whose dedication and knowledge have significantly contributed to FiBAN’s success. Their vision and work have laid a strong foundation for us to build upon with our 2024 board: Vice Chair Pia Kantola, Antti Lehtimäki, Eljas Repo, as well as our new board members Ilkka Kaikuvuo and Pekka Ylitalo. I also want to express my appreciation for our office staff, whose idea-rich efforts keep our network thriving. A special mention goes to our CEO, Tiina Laisi-Puheloinen, who joined us in May 2023 and has already brought dynamic energy to FiBAN.

Open and transparent, data-driven communication

Transparency is the cornerstone of trust and effective collaboration. As your new Chair, I am committed to fostering an environment where open communication is not just encouraged but celebrated. We will provide even more updates on our activities and also make our members and co-operation partners more visible. Our goal is to ensure that every member feels informed, involved, and empowered to contribute to our collective success and that our decisions are based on measurable data.

Strengthening ecosystem cooperation

Our strength lies in our ability to collaborate, not just within FiBAN but with the broader Finnish and European private investing community. In 2024, we will continue to deepen our partnerships outside of the FiBAN community with other angel networks, venture capital associations, and networks, as well as innovation hubs and financial institutions. These collaborations will bring fresh perspectives, new investment opportunities, and a broader range of resources to our members.

Engaging and connecting our members

I am personally a strong believer in communities, sharing knowledge, and getting to know people as persons in addition to the professional skills they hold. As I started my own law firm in 2016 after 17 years in Helsinki-based law firms, I first registered IT’S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE® as my company’s trademark.

Since becoming a part of FiBAN in 2020, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know many of our members whom I didn’t know previously. They are not only skilled business angels but also fascinating individuals, each with their own captivating stories and unique personalities.

The wealth of knowledge and experience within our network is our most valuable asset. This year, we will launch initiatives aimed at deepening connections and knowledge sharing among our members. My personal goal is to make it as easy as possible to join our community while further strengthening our image as a warm and welcoming community.

Exciting projects for 2024!

Our year is looking versatile and international – here are a few of FiBAN projects and other cross-border content to keep an eye on in 2024 and join with several other FiBAN members, in addition to our local events in Finland:

Connect2Scale kick-off event on Tuesday, January 23rd 2024, at 16:00 – 18:00 (Innovestor, Annankatu 12, Helsinki)

  • Funded by the European Union, Connect2Scale is the opportunity for FiBAN members to join this new international exclusive investor program designed for both aspiring and seasoned angel investors. This initiative offers a comprehensive suite of trainings, knowledge-sharing sessions, and networking opportunities tailored to elevate your investment expertise.
  • At the kick-off event also Innovestor will be present on how to boost angel investments with the new co-investment fund of Business Finland VC.

Tahko Ski Lift Pitch event on April 3rd – 4th 2024 at Tahko, Finland

  • Tahko Ski Lift Pitch pitching contest for startups is a one-of-a-kind pitching competition that takes place on a ski lift at the Tahko Mountain. The two-day contest starts at Piazza Restaurant and continues on the Tahko slopes, where the 20 best pitchers meet the investors in a ski lift. I am happy to join the judges’ panel again this spring as FiBAN’s representative.

Podim startup & tech event on May 13th – 15th 2024 in Maribor, Slovenia

  • This event is tailored for startups & scaleups, visionary investors, forward-thinking business executives, and all those with an appetite for groundbreaking ideas and networking. The event is also a part of the 4NGELS programme’s study trip to Slovenia.

EBAN congress May 20th – 22nd 2024 and Latitude59 startup conference May 22nd – 24th 2024 in Tallinn, Estonia

  • The 2024 EBAN Annual Congress will bring together 500+ angel investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from around the globe to explore the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in the startup ecosystem. From insightful sessions and workshops to engaging keynotes and cultural activities.
  • Startup conferences are about speeches, pitches, and wooing investors. The big ones, they’re the cruise ships of seafaring. Latitude59 is a lovely yacht without the crowds. Only people who really matter!

As we embark on the 2024 journey together, I invite each of you to actively participate, share your ideas, and help shape the future of FiBAN. I am eager to meet with you, engage in meaningful discussions, and explore innovative ways to enhance our community.

Looking forward to an interesting year ahead, and thank you for the trust you have placed in me by electing me once again to the board.

Elina Koivumäki
Chair of the Board, Finnish Business Angels Network

Article photo by Antti Nyman

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