FiBAN is changing the deal flow tool

December 13, 2019

FiBAN starts its 10th years of operation by bringing its members a new tool for more smooth deal flow process. The new deal flow tool Startup Includer brings FiBAN members new features in an easy to use and mobile-friendly assembly.

Few facts about Startup Includer

FiBAN member, here is how to get started

Invitations to Startup Includer are now sent. All FiBAN members should have received an invitation to the deal room to their email inbox. Activation happens by clicking the email and after updating the profile, the deal room will be open and active. It is recommended that all members update their profiles as detail as possible. If you already have a profile at Startup Includer, you can use the invitation email to add FiBAN deal room to your existing profile.

Once you have activated your account you will get access to FiBAN deal room. All company profiles that have been updated on their profile at GUST during the previous year 2019, are automatically transferred to Startup Includer. Older company profiles will be stored in GUST and are only transferred to Startup Includer if asked separately.