FiBAN and Rinne & Partners start a partnership. Rinne & Partners is a consultancy firm that offers high-quality solutions for international growth. They are bringing in solutions for international sales, go-to-market strategies and plans, partner strategies and programs, fundraising and M&A for FiBAN members’ portfolio companies to utilize.

The world has changed in international sales and this requires new measures and action plans in order to perform.

– Petri Rinne, Founder and CEO at Rinne & Partners.

FiBAN is excited to announce a new partnership with Rinne & Partners. Rinne & Partners is a consultancy that grows companies by improving new market entry success. The story of Rinne & Partners started as a one-man show in 2007 and since has become a network of professionals from various industries. Their vision is to be able to help more companies to conquer new territories. “We are indeed on a mission: to help companies grow in new markets with our knowledge, resources, experience, team, and network.”, says Petri Rinne, Founder, and CEO at Rinne & Partners. 

Petri Rinne speaks about the importance of controlled growth and the benefits they are able to bring to FiBAN members “With Rinne & Partners, FiBAN’s angels are able to scale their portfolio companies to international markets more efficiently, better prepared and resourced. Our team members are all experienced sales professionals and we know what to do, how to do it, and what to avoid. Working together ensures faster and controlled growth in the target market. We want companies to lower the risk of internationalization without jeopardizing the vast potential. Further to this, we believe that being part of the FiBAN community helps our customers, both in Finland and abroad, to broaden their network and help them with their funding requirements.”, describes Rinne. 

Rinne & Partners has been actively helping tens of Finnish technology companies to conquer the world in the past 15 years. While working with early-stage companies they have become an expert in internationalization by knowing which mistakes to avoid when entering new markets – mistakes that can be extremely costly and in some cases even disastrous. As we all know, well-designed solutions that are thoroughly planned work to reduce risks – something worth investing in. 

Rinne & Partner’s helps FiBAN members’ portfolio startups to find the best solutions for international growth. Some of their main services are listed below:​

  • International Sales. We work with international service providers and will help your company to source for the right candidates for your sales team. In our projects, we have worked with a contractor model, which is a low-risk way of entering new markets. ​
  • Go-to-market strategies and plans. In order to successfully launch new markets, you need to have a solid, documented go-to-market plan. The GTM plan describes your spearhead services, target market(s) and verticals, target accounts, and/or partners. It also tackles details such as sales plan, sales team profiles, target setting, and budget. A properly executed GTM plan is your guidebook on entering a new market. We help our customers to build solid go-to-market plans to ensure that strategy is properly and efficiently executed.
  • Partner Strategies and Programs. If your strategy is to build your international business through a partner channel, you need to do your homework. Selling through partners means you need to sell twice, first to acquire good reliable, and performing partners and your partners need to sell to their end-customers. You have to be able to attract the right partner candidates, sell your value proposal to them, board and train them efficiently, and jointly plan business for the future. In addition, you should build your partner program, prepare your agreements, and supporting materials. Doing business through a partner isn’t always easy, that’s why good planning is vital.
  • Fundraising and M&A. Fundraising is an extraordinary process in the life of a company. With luck, it only takes 2-3 months. Usually, it takes from six to twelve months. If you want to raise funds successfully, you have to be prepared. Entrepreneurs should ask themselves: Which investors are right for my company? Are they investing in my line of business? Are we at the right stage? You discuss with numerous investors, find out about their business motivations, why they invest, and what they are expecting from you. This provides you with enough perspective on how your pitch deck should look like.

​“We have a great network of investors in the Nordics and beyond and in cooperation with FiBAN, we will be able to help our customers with business planning, pitch deck, financial calculations, and establishing contacts to potential investors”, Rinne concludes.

Warmly welcome to the FiBAN community!

More information

Petri Rinne, Founder and CEO, petri(at)
Amel Gaily, Managing Partner, FiBAN, amel.gaily(at)