The campaign encouraged all startup investors including our members, VCs, family offices, and more to ask the founders how they are doing to provoke genuine conversations and enhance the angel-founder connection and create an open trusting atmosphere. With this initiative, we wanted to highlight that behind every business there is a human.

When we launched the campaign on Valentine’s day of 2020, little did we know how relevant the topic would end up being during the challenging and unprecedented year of 2020.

Targets exceeded by 50% – 1501 times #WhatsUpFounder

FiBAN members exceeded our target by 50%, which totaled in 1501 conversations between business angels and founders. On average, an investor would have 5.6 conversations, and the median being 4 conversations per investor. The biggest number of conversations by an investor was 46 conversations.

The results were collected at the beginning of 2021 during FiBAN’s annual statistics questionnaire.

The campaign is over but the challenge isn’t, remember to ask your portfolio founders #whatsup!

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Wasim Al-Nasser, Communications Coordinator