FiBAN 14/02/2024

Angel Events to New Heights: Meet Maiju, FiBAN’s new event assistant!

FiBAN’s new strategy steers us to uplevel the community with new events offered to members. This means strengthening our event team with new talent. Meet Maiju, our new event assistant!



She brightens up our events with her great attitude and endless curiosity for learning new things. Read how Maiju, a seasoned psychiatric nurse with over a decade of experience, is charting a new course in the world of angel investing and events.
“I am very excited to start a new adventure as an Event Assistant at FiBAN while pursuing a BBA in Wellbeing Management. I hope I will bring my enthusiasm and passion for learning to this new community,” she says with excitement.

With long experience in psychiatric nursing, Maiju’s journey into the realm of angel investing may seem unexpected. However, Maiju sees it as a natural progression. Her ability to handle the pressure of managing and arranging tens of events a year will be a golden asset at FiBAN. “I’m thrilled to step into the new world of angel investing and learn about its fast-paced dynamics,” she shares.

For Maiju, the allure of her internship at FiBAN lies in the chance to network within the startup ecosystem and contribute to making an impact. “What excites me the most in this internship is the chance to network within the startup ecosystem and contribute to organizing impactful events,” she says.

If you’re looking for a topic to break the ice with her, you may want to bring out traveling! Beyond her professional endeavors, that’s her passion: “When not immersed in the world of events, you can find me backpacking across the globe, exploring diverse cultures, and meeting people from all over the world,” she shares.

She sends her greetings to the FiBAN network: “I look forward to getting to know the members and partners and the opportunities and experiences this role can bring.” You may spot Maiju at our events, welcoming you with her lovely smile, or at our office, helping the FiBAN team with various tasks while growing as a part of our office team.

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