FiBAN’s PitchFinland  is held eight times a year, on average every 6th week in Helsinki. The event gathers about 80-100 business angels every time and 10-15 selected startups pitch. It was an impressive range of startups 96 startups in total that presented their case for the investors at PitchFinland in 2016. All companies received valuable investor feedback and most of them continued to discuss a potential investment after the event.

FiBAN is very happy to report that of the companies that pitched in 2016 over 50% has received investment so far – 29% from one ore more FiBAN business angels.

During the year the FiBAN screening board screened approximately 300 companies and the over 400 company applications were submitted to the FiBAN deal flow. All companies that approach FiBAN get feedback and the ones that are innovative, scalable, investment ready, and most suitable for angel investment are chosen to pitch at PitchFinland. The FiBAN angels have also become more active in terms of investing in these startups as approximately a third of the pitching companies received investment from FiBAN angels in 2016. This is a substantial growth in investments from FiBAN angels since 2015, when only 19% received investment from FiBAN angels.

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