FiBAN and Arctic15 did it again! Nordic Angel Program by FiBAN syndicate  screened and evaluated an impressive number of 148 companies that applied to the Arctic15 Funding Program. Led by experienced angel investors Jaakko Salminen and Rhett Thompson, a record amount of 24 angels will choose the best case(s) to invest in. The results will be announced on stage at Arctic15.

NAP by FiBAN has in previous batches found awesome investment targets: Screenful and FeelingStream. For the fastest angels there is still an open ticket possibility with your name on it, so if interested, contact the program management (details below).

​You ready? Here are the top 15 companies!

  • No No No: Transparent complaint resolution platform that increases conversions and sales​ (Business software, Software, Internet technologies)
  • Ddefender: S​oftware to protect your network from DDOS attacks with patented tech​ (Communications and networking services, Internet technologies)
  • SportaPost: Post like a Pro with a free app which enables you to create professional content fast & easy (Business software, End-user software)
  • Loogup AB: AI-powered real estate platform that helps home-buyers make smarter decisions and connect to the right lender (Fintech, Proptech and real estate)
  • Immersal Ltd: Tool for programmers: 3D-scanning & visual positioning solution, enabling AR in any app (​Software)
  • Kipwise: K​nowledge management platform that helps customer support teams build up knowledge base easily (​Software, Internet technologies)​
  • FabricAI: Automated accounting processes with the help of artificial intelligence. (Fintech)
  • LokiTime: Aloud service for issuing and managing keys – customers stay in control of their keys in real time​ (Business software, Proptech and real estate)
  • Videolevels​: Self-service platform to stream and sell your events online (​Telecom software, Broadcasting, publications and content providers)
  • Pilot Angel: ​Prevents accidents by detecting fatigue & intoxication in real-time (​Insuretech, Transport, Construction)
  • Witview​: AI-powered plugin telling online shoppers “what the internet thinks” through aggregated product review data (Business software, Software)
  • ATLANT 3D Nanosystems: Multi-material 3D nanoprinter for rapid microchip prototyping​ (Electronic components, Systems software, Materials)
  • ​Hookle Inc: M​obile app to make social media management and online advertising easy for small businesses (Business software)
  • Albert Welding: D​evelops the most lightweight, portable and innovative welding and cutting machines for everyday use​ (Consumer electronics, Manufacturing, Consumer products manufacturing)
  • Duuers: O​nline software that helps small businesses create proposals in 60 seconds, and empowers them to work smarter.​ (Construction, Proptech and real estate)

More information

Reetta Ilo
International Affairs Manager 
+358 44 987 6641

Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is an international cross-border training and investing program for business angels. The goal of the program is to increase cross-border investing awareness among existing and potential startup investors. With the goal to inspire new cross-border angel investments, NAP aims to channel investments in total worth 4 million euros in 16 startups during 2018 and 2019. The main goal for the program is to educate business angels about cross-border investing including joint study trips, evaluation of startups and discussing investment opportunities on a digital platform. StartupIncluder is a digital platform developed for NAP programs and allows business angels to access a shared deal flow for the evaluation the startup applications. The program is powered by EU’s Horizon2020 and coordinated by NordicBAN and Civitta.