FiBAN wants to raise awareness on responsible investing and therefore launches the #WhatsUpFounder campaign. The aim of the campaign is to enhance the angel-founder connection and an open atmosphere. Behind every business model and financial figures there is a human, remember the founder and ask #WhatsUpFounder.

What is this campaign?

FiBAN encourages angel investors and all other investors to join the campaign. 
​The goal is to raise awareness of creating a connection between investors and startup founders, and to remind investors to once in a while ask their portfolio companies founders “what’s up?” and “what are you going through?”

FiBAN’s aim is to have no less than 1000 interactions like this by the end of 2020. FiBAN will collect the data and results in its 2020 annual business angel survey. Knowing the power of social media, FiBAN challenges investors to post stories of their progress throughout the year. Show you care! #WhatsUpFounder 

You do not need to be a FiBAN angel, also VC’s, family offices, and other investors are asked to join for the common good. The more the merrier!

How will this campaign work?

When you meet with the founders of the startups you have invested into, or callemail, or simply text, remember to include the message #WhatsUpFounders. It would be great if you could take a selfie together or take a screenshot of the message or video call and share them in your social media by tagging FiBAN and using the hashtag #WhatsUpFounder. Tag 1-3 of your friends, colleagues, or associates and challenge them to do the same. Let the #WhatsUpFounder challenge spread! Sharing is caring right?

That’s it. If you are not active in social media, do not worry, you can still do it and spread the message and let us know that you have participated.
​It’s not about the publicity, it’s about genuine care.

Don’t really know the founder yet? Just send a text or an email! Its the little things that matter!

Behind every business model and financial figures there is a human.

To enhance the angel-founder connection and an open atmosphere: ask #WhatsUpFounder!