New partners

Become a partner with one of the world's largest business angel networks and be a part of the growth of the Finnish early-stage companies. Each partnership is unique and we work together with our partners to ensure the best outcomes of the cooperation.

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Partner members

FiBAN’s partners play an essential role in supporting members investments into early-stage startups and supporting their growth. There is a growing demand for FiBAN’s services and offerings, and in this development the support and expertise of FiBAN’s partner members is emphasized. FiBAN partners have an opportunity to influence the development of the private startup investing ecosystem

The partnership is intended for eligible entities who aim to support growing business activities, in the field of which FiBAN’s activities are directly or indirectly related. We expect the partner to actively provide services, products, and other startup-related events suitable for business angels and their 1600+ portfolio companies.

FiBAN’s activities

FiBAN’s operations are driven by private investors and are based on the desire to contribute to the development of Finnish businesses and the creation of new jobs through potential growth companies. The benefits that business angels bring to potential startups are greater risk-taking ability, experience and expertise from many sectors and their vast personal networks. The role of angel investors in fueling growth in startups has risen and studies show that companies that have attracted private investors have the best conditions for growth. 

The purpose of our activity is to grow and develop the profession of private investors, ie. angel investors. This happens by e.g. organizing training and events, facilitating networking among investors, and promoting cooperation with the aim of finding new high-quality startups to invest in.

Cooperation benefits

  • Possibility to become featured in FiBAN’s Monthly Newsletter
  • Partner logo visibility on the website. 
  • Extended networks to FiBAN’s regional and sector-focused angel investors 
  • Possibility for event hosting and providing a keynote speaker to the event
  • Possibility to offer exclusive deals to the network 
  • Invitation to FiBAN partner day.
  • One employee representative per FiBAN event in Finland. 
  • Right to add events to the FiBAN event calendar.

We work closely together with our partners to ensure the most fruitful collaboration. Each relationship is unique, and partner cooperation depends largely on the nature of the business of the partners.

Our valuable partners add an extra layer to our versatile services for startup investing, combining a wide range of services for the whole investment life cycle from deal flow to screening, due diligence, syndicating, investing, growth and exit. You can find all of FiBAN’s current partners here.

FiBAN partners are expected to commit to and follow FiBAN’s ethical rules. Please review them here.

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