FiBAN Research

FiBAN, being one of the biggest and most active business angel networks in the world, actively gathers and shares business angel related studies and statistics. We are proud to work with ambitious business angels, distinguished Finnish research institutes and high-class universities to maintain a deep understanding of startup investing. Through quality research and analysis we aim to offer valuable and unique knowledge for the whole startup ecosystem.

FiBAN Annual Investment Statistics

Every year since FiBAN was established in 2010, we have collected data about business angel investments in Finland by surveying our members. This constitutes Europe’s most comprehensive yearly survey for business angels. Using this data, annual angel investment statistics are published every spring together with statistics on venture capital activity made by the Finnish Venture Capital Association (Pääomasijoittajat ry).

Investment Statistics from previous years

  • Finnish Startup Investments 2019 (En / Fin)
  • Finnish Startup Investments 2018 (En / Fin)
  • Finnish Startup Investments 2017 (En / Fin)
  • Finnish Startup Investments 2016 (En / Fin)
  • Finnish Startup Investments 2015 (En)
  • Finnish Startup Investments 2014 (En / Fin)
  • Finnish Startup Investments 2013 (En / Fin)
  • Finnish Startup Investments 2012 (En / Fin)

Reports & Research on Angel Investing

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HALO Report, Angel Resource Institute, 2017

The State of Nordic Impact Startups 2020, Danske Bank, 2020

Business Angel Investment, Public Innovation Funding and Firm Growth, ETLA, 2019

The State of European Tech, Atomico, 2019

Kansallinen Tutkimus Bisnesenkelisijoittamisen Kannattavuudesta, FiBAN, 2017

Joukkorahoitusraportti, Repo Media, 2018