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Finnish Business Angels Network

FiBAN - Inspiring private investments

FiBAN is a Finnish, national, non-profit association of private investors that aims to improve the possibilities for private persons to invest in unlisted potential growth companies. The association’s work is based on the activity by private investors and cooperates with networks supporting high-growth goals.

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RT @FiBAN_org: Entrepreneurs fear due diligence mostly because they don't understand it. What investors mean by DD?

37 minutes ago

RT @FiBAN_org: Suomalainen kimppakyytipalvelu @piggybaggy maineikkaan #startup -kisan finaaliin.

4 hours ago

RT @FiBAN_org: Suomalainen kimppakyytipalvelu @piggybaggy maineikkaan #startup -kisan finaaliin.

4 hours, 55 minutes ago

RT @FiBAN_org: Suomalainen kimppakyytipalvelu @piggybaggy maineikkaan #startup -kisan finaaliin.

5 hours, 48 minutes ago

FiBAN Member Greeting

  • Interview with new FiBAN board 2015 member - Harry Brade
    Background Industrial background from Nokia and GE Health Care in different leadership positions. Last 10 years heading family office investments beating indeces and relevant global funds. Board member at Oriola-KD. Tuta DI, London Bus.School MBA, CEFA Hanken. What made you interested in business angel investing? Give back to industry. Hands on. HC industry successful in Finland and leading export sector. Syndicate investing with experienced Angels and VCs. What kind of startups make you excited? Ones…

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  • FiBAN ry
  • E-mail: info(at)
  • Phone: +358 20 7350 160
  • Adress: Kampin Huippu, 
    Urho Kekkosen katu 2 C 00100 Helsinki, Finland
  • Busness ID: 2480326-2
  • Association number: 205.158

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