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Finnish Business Angels Network

FiBAN - Inspiring private investments

FiBAN is a Finnish, national, non-profit association of private investors that aims to improve the possibilities for private persons to invest in unlisted potential growth companies. The association’s work is based on the activity by private investors and cooperates with networks supporting high-growth goals.

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UAngel_Ukraine by @FiBAN_org is guiding through the whole angel investing process:

8 hours, 55 minutes ago

RT @FiBAN_org: Result of an active business angel group and a startup with growth potential! Best of success @NordSafety!…

3 days, 9 hours ago

#kerjuulla (@ FiBAN HQ - "Inspiring private investments" - @fiban_org in Helsinki)

6 days, 3 hours ago

FiBAN Member Greeting

  • Interview with new FiBAN board 2015 member Anna-Kaarina Lipsanen
    Your background? I have a family business background and have been a member of several company boards for many years. My own corporational career consists of various financial positions in Nordic family businesses. What made you interested in business angel investing? I do have an entrepreneurial mind but don’t have business ideas of my own, so angel investing provides a way to work for a company that I own and develop. I am prepared for…

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  • Association number: 205.158

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